London Still chords

The Waifs


Capo: 4st fret

Verse 1 C D I wonder if you can pick up my accent on the phone G D/F# Em D When I call across the country, When I call Across the world, C D I can see you in my kitchen I can picture you now G D/F# Em D as you toast to your small town and you drink the happy hour
C D i'm in london still G D/F# Em D i'm in, london still C D Em i'm in london, still
Verse 2 C D I took the tube over to Camden to wander around G D/F# Em D I bought some funky records with that old motown sound C D and I miss you like my left arm that's been lost in a war G D/F# Em D today I dream of home and not of london anymore C D I'm in london still G D/F# Em D I'm in la ha london still C D Em I'm in london, still Verse 3 you know its okay I'm kinda happy here for now I think I finally grown up and got myself a lover now and if I ever come home and I think I will I hope your gonna wanna hang at my place on sunday still oh yeah I hope you will cos I'm in london still and now i got it sorted here I've really got it down to a fine art on sunday in a sleepy sunday town I wonder what I'm missing I think of songs I've never heard I'm dreaming of your voices and I'm dreaming of your hurt I'm in london still I'm in london still I'm in london still oh i'm in london still la la la la la london still I'm in london. Tabbed by Dan email-removed