Sweetness chords

The Waifs


Simplify chords 

  			Tabbed by Simon Underhill ([email protected]) 
G                      B             C                    G 
There's nothing like a big old lie, a good record, and a smoke 
to pass time by 
G                  B           C                                    G 
The music gets me in the mood, it all kicks in and I sit back, and I 
think about you 

C     D      G    C      D          G 
Sweetness to me, is all you'll ever be 
C   D       G 
You mean stuff to me 
And so on.  At the end repeat chorus, they sneak in an E minor 
instead of one of the Gs (C  D  Em)  otherwise she's pretty straight 
forward.  It sounds like two guitars on the record, with one in normal 
tuning (Josh) and one with a capo, but I have no idea on which fret the 
capo is on.